Welcome to the website of Colette Guimond, female bodybuilder. Female muscle at it's best! On this website you can see new galleries, updated every month for the members, videoclips, webcam videoclips, webcam chat, buy products, like signed photo's, video', DVD's, etc. I'm very excited to present my new website! I've been working hard to get top quality material, just for you! I'm in the best shape of my life: bigger, stronger and sexier than ever. I would like to share that with you! Check out my new site, preview the galleries and videoclips and you'll join for sure! The member part of this site has many never seen before galleries & videoclips, shot by great photographers & video companies. But that's not all: as a bonus I also give you an insight in my life with personal galleries & clips, shot at home, while traveling, training, going out, etc. Great variety and high quality guaranteed and I'm sure you'll be more than satisfied with everything that you see on this website. Colette After my first year of training I did my first show in 1988 and was immediately addicted even after taking only 4th place. I was small, only 110lbs. Next year I won the Montreal '89 Championship at 114lbs. I kept improving until 1995, and won many other shows. I was on my way to finally to make my ultimate dream a reality, competing in the Miss O. But an accident stopped me from competing. in the 1997, it could have been Fatal. Doctors could not believe how fast I was recuperating and that I actually survived. After nine (9) surgeries I am bigger and harder than ever. I was told that I had amazing potential in competition I chose not to compete because I could not deal with an un-symmetrical body, due to the surgery I felt that would prevent me for winning. For me it was a great loss that was difficult to accept. Now over the past 5 years, as you can see from my photos, I was able to keep on improving. Up to this summer, I finally accepted my injury and the flaw it had created in a bodybuilding perspective view, and I realized in real life that it does not make me a worse bodybuilder for such. I'm now thinking of doing a show for my fans and for myself as I am always being asked for what show am I'm getting ready for ?. I know I will never make it to where I could be as a competitor because I know my limitation. I now have to deal with for this sport, but I can say after this my dream has never completely left me , because since I'm enjoying more and more the admirations from fans all over the Worlds and I get to meet them and I'm making a living from being so muscular and who I've become. I'm glad because I've beat the odds! In other words never give up! There will be always something there for you! BORN: September 14th, 196; PLACE OF BIRTH: Montreal, Canada; HEIGHT: 5'1" (155cm); WEIGHT: 170 lbs (77kg); BICEPS: 17" (42,5cm); THIGHS: 26.5" (66,5cm); CALVES: 17.5" (44cm); LANGUAGE: French, English I am one of the most massive girls out there and I am as strong as I look. At a height only 5'1, I am competing as a heavyweight, always near competition shape all year round. As a bodybuilder I work as a personal trainer, model and I am available for special appearances. I also do sessions where you can feel the true power and beauty of a female bodybuilder like me. These sessions include mixed wrestling, werstling domination, muscle worship, headscissors, body scissors, grapevins, schoolboy pins, facsitting, etc. I've participated in many video's. For World Of Muscle I did the following DVD's/video's: Fatal Attraction, The Session, Dngerous Curves 1 and Dangerous Curves 2. For Iron Belles Of Atlanta I did video's like: the french sizzle, collette up close & personal, showering belles, Up Close and Personal With Colette Guimond, Gym Trashed, Colette Guimond - The French Sizzle Belle, Colette's Private Posing Collection, Colette Guimond's Private Photo Shoot, Worship Sisters. With Utopia Entertainment I did Maid of Muscle. For Builtmore I did Mailed Ordered Bride. I worked with Mas Muscle, Ray Martin, Women's Physique World ( WPW ). Recently I have made video's with a Canadian Company New Goddess Cinema, called Goddess of Revenge. I have done several video work and photoshoots with companies like Muscle Elegance (from Denise Masino), Awefilms, Bill Dobbins. I have appeared in major muscle magazines, like Female Bodybuilding And Weightlifting, Women's Physique World, Muscle Elegance, Muscular Development, Flex, Musclemag, Muscle & Fitness. Right now I concentrate on making as much material as possible for my new member website. I will also get more and more into the webcam business and creating material myself, like custom video's, videoclips, custom photoshoots. I hope you'll enjoy my new website and happy surfing! Colette

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